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Nahant Harbor Review Archive
 Proud to be Nahant's only form of communication dedicated to Nahant, since May 1994.

For over 20 years, The Nahant Harbor Review has been the only source of information for and about the Nahant community. As of December 2011, the Nahant Harbor Review ceased printing and was available online here.

In January 2012, the new Nahant Harbor E-View, debuted online, dedicated to providing a timely form of communication, committed to building the spirit of the Nahant community, online. Many Nahanters complained because the seniors had trouble accessing the information online.

In September 2o13, 61 Nahanters responded to a plea for subscribers and the Nahant Harbor Review was reprieved and a printed newsletter was distributed through the local retail stores and public buildings. Unfortunately, the subscription drive's initial thrust did not last. Again,in March 2014, another outreach for subscriptions was printed on the front page. After receiving only two subscribers, the printed paper could no longer continnue and production ceased.

In March 2014, the last issue printed The Nahant Harbor Review hit the stores. The Archives (NOTE: to be updated) are available below.


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